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Character: Alba Ruiz Alonso/Cristina Romero
Directed by: Joaquín Llamas
Written by: Javier Olivares, Javier Pascual and Anaïs Schaaff
Produced by: Isabel Raventós and Sergi Schaaff
Other cast: Adrià Collado, Oscar Casas, Nerea Elizalde, Jorge Motos, Lucía Díez, Juan Blanco, Ingrid Rubio, Ruth Díaz, Daniel Ibáñez, Elena Alférez...
Episodes: Appeared in all episodes
Genre: Mystery
Running time: 20min

Alba is a 17-year-old girl who moves with her uncle Miguel to a residential area in search of a new life. Alba's parents have moved to New Zealand for work, but she has to finish her school year in Spain. However, as soon as she goes to school she realizes that it won’t be so easy to adapt. The reason? Her resemblance to Cris, a girl who disappeared just six months before she arrived. Alba decides to find out what happened to Cris and who is responsible for her disappearance.


Cast & Characters

María Pedraza (Alba Ruiz Alonso/Cristina Romero), Óscar Casas (Rafael Castro), Lucía Díez (Rocío Sosa), Juan Blanco (Alberto Blasco), Adrià Collado (Miguel Alonso), Nerea Elizalde (Nerea Vidal), Jorge Motos (Hugo Molina), Ruth Díaz (Carmen Valle), Daniel Ibáñez (Dani Romero), Ingrid Rubio (Sergeant Lara), Elena Alférez (Marta), Roberto Almanza, María de la Paz Casiano, Alejandro Castilla, Natalia Gamo, Carmen Lucía González, Elliot Jeréz, Rebeca Cid Jiménez, Alejandro Jurado, Alexandra Gabriela Lacusta, María Petronela Lacusta, Pablo López, Aitor Madrug, Alejandro Ortega, Mónica Seoane, Mari Carmen Vega.


Season Guide

Season 1


Facts & Trivia

• As Javier Olivares, creator of ‘Si fueras tú’ has clarified, the fiction is an adaptation of the New Zealand series ‘Reservoir Hills’, which has also been adapted in Sweden, where it received the name ‘Vikingshill’.

• ‘Si fueras tú’ is the first spanish transmedia TV-show, where audience decide what happens in next episode.

• ‘Si fueras tú’ has been the most successful premiere of a digital product on, accumulating more than 200 000 visits since the launch of its website and becoming the most viewed video of the day on the RTVE website the day after its premiere.

• At the end of the series, TVE has decided to broadcast the fiction in the form of a film, using unpublished material in the form of a nexus to provide it with a solid continuity, with no option, of course, to choose how it would work.


Awards & Nominations

There are no awards and nominations yet for this tv show.



“Without a doubt, it is a great success to go beyond the conventional format trying to consolidate a new production formula with which you draw attention from minute one, there has been no better project to inaugurate Playz than ‘Si fueras tú’. It is a series that stands out, that encourages the almost daily participation of its audience, that urges the viewer to have a constant follow-up and that achieves a differential point to other online series. ‘Si fueras tú’ is a surprising and pioneering project, a product worthy of public television.”
⎯ Formula TV

“The first chapter hooks, I want more”.
⎯ El País

“An innovative project that will allow the user to interact with the characters, since each week the public will decide the course of the plot.”
⎯ Cadena SER

“The transmedia and interactive series ‘Si fueras tú’ is consolidated as an audience and critical success.”
⎯ Panorama Audiovisual

“It will be the culmination of a pioneering and innovative production, since it has been the users of social networks themselves who have built, with their decisions, the flow of the script.”
⎯ La Información