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Episode Guide

1.01 – Chapter 1
    Alba is a 17-year-old girl who moves with her uncle Miguel to an urbanization in search of a new life. Alba’s parents have moved to New Zealand for work, but she has to finish the course in Spain. However, as soon as she arrives at the institute, she realizes that it will not be so easy to adapt. The cause? Her resemblance to Cris, a girl who disappeared just half a year ago.
1.02 – Chapter 2
    Alba enters Cris’s house, she is ready to discover who that girl was. No one answers the doorbell so she circles the villa to see if she can see anything. Just when she looked like she was going to find a clue, Rafa appears by surprise.
1.03 – Chapter 3
    Alba accompanies Nerea and Rafa on an excursion for their biology work. Alba has doubts and thinks that she was wrong in her choice. In addition, the head of studies Blasco asks him for explanations of her for having ignored a message in which he asked to speak with her. In the forest she will have to face a new decision.
1.04 – Chapter 4
    The protagonist, Alba, decides to return the bracelet that Cris found to the Civil Guard and discovers something unimaginable after speaking with Sergeant Lara. Thus, the questions surrounding the disappearance of Cristina Romero are increasing and Alba will once again find herself at a crossroads.
1.05 – Chapter 5
    Alba continues with her investigation and begins to take into account Dani, Cris’s brother, to discover all the details of her disappearance. Alba is once again in doubt when it comes to ruling out suspects or deciding whether one person or several were involved in her disappearance.
1.06 – Chapter 6
    Alba and Rafa kiss. The sparks had been jumping between them for weeks. On the other hand, Nerea tries to get closer to Alba. The Halloween party is near her and she wants everyone to attend, even Rocío and Hugo.
1.07 – Chapter 7
    Empieza the Halloween fiesta in casa de Nerea, that behaved de una manera demasiado amable con Rocío y Hugo. Finally, han accepted y estarán allí para intentar ser lo que sueñan, uno más del grupo de los chicos del instituto. Los sucedido hará que todo cambie.
1.08 – Chapter 8
    There are no approved synopsis yet for this episode.




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