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Character: Amanda
Directed by: Fernando Colomo
Written by: Fernando Colomo, Casandra Macías Gago and Marina Maesso
Produced by: Álvaro Longoria and Pilar Benito
Other cast: Karra Elejalde, Quim Ávila, Toni Acosta, Lola Rodríguez, Eduardo Rosa, Cristina Gallego, Luis Bermejo...
Release date: May 21, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Running time: 1h 37min

Satur and Tina are a married couple in which she contributes the money and he takes care of the house and the child. The problem is that the boy, Manu, is already 28 years old and is a mediocre youtuber. To raise his son, Satur will turn him into "The ranger of love", a successful youtuber masked defender of romantic love. With this cover, Manu falls madly in love with Amanda. What he does not know is that Amanda is polyamorous and has relationships with Marta and Esteban, a wealthy couple of doctors with two children, with Claudia, a trans girl who works in the world of fashion, and with Alex, a skydiving instructor and muscular model.


Cast & Characters

Karra Elejalde (Satur), Quim Àvila (Manu), María Pedraza (Amanda), Toni Acosta (Tina), Eduardo Rosa (Álex), Inma Cuevas (Berta), Lola Rodríguez (Claudia), Cristina Gallego (Marta), Luis Bermejo (Esteban), Mery Cabezuelo (Margarita), Susi Caramelo (herself), Julen Alba (Sapoman), Samanta Brández (redhead girl), Lucía Serrano (Marina), Jaime Riba (Marc), Claudia Fesser (Olivia), Diego Cabrales (Miguel), Pablo Alamá (Vicente), Sofía del Río (Cassandra), Ana del Arco (Merche), Patricia Peñalver (Laura), Eros Herrero (Hugo), Robert Plugaru (Borja), Esther Toledano (Esther), Flora Hurtado (nurse), Mónica Vic (lady cinema 1), Montse Paldro (lady cinema 2), Toni Balach (airport police), Laura Alcoba (boarding hostess), Berta de la Dehesa (security guard), Santiago de la Hoz (Thor), Roma Calderón (hospital nurse), María Kaltembacher (hospital patient), Nacho Coronado (Tipo PGM), Karlos Klaumannsmoller (double bass passenger), Juan Rueda (Ildefonso), Diego Cabrales (Miguel).


Production Photos

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Facts & Trivia

• This is the first time that Marina Maesso and Casandra Macías-Gago have participated in the development of a comedy script.


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