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Urban, la vida es nuestra, a new series starring María Pedraza (Elite), Asia Ortega (El internado: Las cumbres) and Bernardo Flores (Pasión de Gavilanes), will premiere soon exclusively on Prime Video before its free-to-air broadcast in some of Mediaset Spain channels. The fiction will narrate the journey of two radically different and dreamy girls who embark on a journey together to escape from their presents and try to succeed in urban music.

The series, created and developed by Nico Frasquet, Amanda Encinas, Paloma Rando and Carlos del Hoyo, is based on an original idea by Aitor Gabilondo and Jota Aceytuno. Produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with Alea Media (Entrevías, Patria), Urban, la vida es nuestra will have six 50-minute episodes.

“United by destiny, Lola (María Pedraza) and Yanet (Asia Ortega) will embark on a trip to Malaga that will be both their escape from a complicated present and a more than uncertain future. There they will meet Patrick (Bernardo Flores), a young man from the neighborhood who already stands out in urban music and is close to succeeding. The three protagonists will be immersed in a love triangle, betrayals and endless nights where ego, love, rivalry and pending accounts will mark the events of that new life in which they will have to decide how far they are willing to go to achieve their objectives”, reads the official synopsis of Urban, la vida es nuestra.

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Movistar Plus+ has announced the start of filming for Galgos, its new original series. The fiction, which will recount the internal struggles for control of a family business, has a cast headed by Adriana Ozores, Óscar Martínez, Marcel Borràs, María Pedraza, Luis Bermejo and Patricia López Arnaiz.

Defined by Movistar Plus+ as a ‘business and family drama’, the series stars the Somarriba family and the Galgos company, a food giant that has seen three of its generations grow. Its members will have to face the crisis in the sector, exacerbated by internal corruption, pressure from private labels and the threat of new regulations that seek healthier food, which could lead to the closure of the group’s oldest factory.

Then elements such as loyalty, love, trust and family come into play, as opposed to betrayal, selfishness, control and deceit that threaten to close the company. Directed by Félix Viscarret and Nelly Reguera, Galgos, an original Movistar Plus+ series produced by Buendía Estudios, began filming in September in Madrid and will continue until December in different locations in the Spanish capital, Cantabria and Brussels.

“Carmina Somarriba (Adriana Ozores) and Emilio Somarriba (Luis Bermejo) are the heirs of Grupo Galgo, a family business specializing in pastries, chocolates and baby food. The crisis in the sector, the imminent arrival of the sugar law and the lack of leadership of Emilio, president of Galgo since his father passed away, make the company not have its best moment.
Gonzalo Díaz (Óscar Martínez), Carmina’s husband, after many years working alongside Emilio has his own plans for the company, but a sudden and unexpected decision by Carmina causes a family and business earthquake that will also affect their children: Blanca (Patricia López Arnáiz), Guzmán (Marcel Borràs), Jimena (María Pedraza) and Julián (Jorge Usón). The struggle for power will separate them, and Carmina will have to choose between saving the company or her family”, we read in the official synopsis of Galgos.

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