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Her parents already told her: “María, when will you stop?” Her life can seem like a highway that she travels with her batteries well charged, almost allergic to routines, open to changes, surprises and curves, if they come. At 26, putting herself in ‘off mode’ to watch life go by is not for her: “I can’t rest without knowing that I’ve done everything I wanted to do that day and that I’ve made the most of it, because every day is an opportunity to grow, to change and to fulfill your dreams”, explains the actress.

A professional classical dancer turned actress – she has commented that there was a time when she counted the calories in each dish – her two souls coincided in Las Niñas de Cristal (2022), the film that she assures closed a stage of her life, saying goodbye to the dance through the front door.

She debuted with Amar (2017) and then phenomena such as La Casa de Papel and Elite would come, which catapulted her to fame. And it was already non-stop: ¿A quién te llevarías a una isla desierta? (2019), El Verano que Vivimos (2020), Ego (2021)… or Toy Boy, where she coincided with Álex González, her partner for a year, dedicating affectionate comments on the network in the face of breakup rumors.

The first teaser for Awareness was already seen at the Sitges festival, together with Pedro Alonso and Óscar Jaenada, their next premiere: “It is a science fiction film with a lot of rhythm, an emotional story and a complex script. I have loved discovering myself in action”, she says. Had we already written that it doesn’t stop? She is already in a new shoot Galgos, by Félix Viscarret, “with a super cast and a very funny story”.

Does having almost 12 million followers on Instagram make you dizzy or does it help you position yourself?
Social networks have never given me vertigo, because I have practically grown up with them. I have enjoyed watching my Instagram account grow because it meant that I was able to reach more and more people. That I can inspire them and that they can enjoy my work is gratifying.

Your Instagram is ideal but have you ever thought about turning off the camera?
I disconnect and connect with ease, because I have learned to know myself and to work a lot internally. I know what takes me away and what boosts my energy.

When was the last time you surprised yourself?
I am surprised every day by myself, because I am never the same person. Every day that passes I grow and I allow myself to have the failures that I didn’t think I had. I allow myself to be surprised. Let go of expectations and know that what you think is not necessarily going to be what happens. That’s why my life is a constant improvisation. Likewise, I like to be with the people I love and who surround me.

She was a dancer. What positive values have remained from such a demanding profession?
She has left me some very good things, such as discipline, perseverance, being strong, capable of facing any situation. As I would say: “I am bulletproof”. She has also given me the ability to feel things in a more physical and deeper way; Being a highly sensitive person and capturing people’s emotions just by looking at them. I am very grateful to dance for having appeared in my life.

Are you sometimes self-demanding?
I don’t think I sin, but I am self-demanding in everything I do. Although, at the same time, I hug myself when things don’t turn out the way I expected them to.

What do you like the most and the least about being an actress?
What is most important is discovering myself in other characters, allowing myself to be invaded by their energy, letting them warm me up and incorporating what I have learned when I say goodbye to them. What I least suppose is excessive exposure, although I am true to myself and I do not stop doing things that feel good to me or that I feel like doing. The balance is positive, that’s why I’m still here with all my passion.

The best advice you’ve ever been given?
In the profession, I am the one who does not stop observing and trying to be like a sponge to learn from everything that happens to me and from all the people who pass through my life. But I always carry with me a piece of advice my parents gave me: “Keep your feet on the ground, but always pointing to the sky”.

What makes your life happy in a second?
Do what I want, be with my family, with my friends, shout, dance, laugh, live life intensely… It’s the only way I know how to live.

Change your image often. Are you doing it for fun or because you are still looking for the ultimate inspiration?
I never look for a definitive look because I always go forward. If I stay in something, it’s because it steals my heart, and there are many things that are in my life that way. But I love to be inspired, create and let others create in me… I know that all human beings are artists.

What would I never do?
Being in a place where I was disrespected and wasted my time.

Three tips that you have learned from hairdressers and makeup artists and that you now practice to the letter.
Take care of yourself, and not just for others. When you take care of yourself inside, the outside looks better.

Do you value the commitment to sustainability of Adolfo Domínguez fragrances?
I highly value sustainability. We have the theory in our hands, but we need to settle the knowledge and put it into practice in order to continue making big changes in the world.

What is your hidden ambition?
Feel and almost read what others think and feel.

Have you fulfilled your dreams?
I have fulfilled all that I have wanted to fulfill to this day; Tomorrow I want to fulfill others.

Does he see herself filming outside of Spain?
I’d love to.

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Movistar Plus+ has announced the start of filming for Galgos, its new original series. The fiction, which will recount the internal struggles for control of a family business, has a cast headed by Adriana Ozores, Óscar Martínez, Marcel Borràs, María Pedraza, Luis Bermejo and Patricia López Arnaiz.

Defined by Movistar Plus+ as a ‘business and family drama’, the series stars the Somarriba family and the Galgos company, a food giant that has seen three of its generations grow. Its members will have to face the crisis in the sector, exacerbated by internal corruption, pressure from private labels and the threat of new regulations that seek healthier food, which could lead to the closure of the group’s oldest factory.

Then elements such as loyalty, love, trust and family come into play, as opposed to betrayal, selfishness, control and deceit that threaten to close the company. Directed by Félix Viscarret and Nelly Reguera, Galgos, an original Movistar Plus+ series produced by Buendía Estudios, began filming in September in Madrid and will continue until December in different locations in the Spanish capital, Cantabria and Brussels.

“Carmina Somarriba (Adriana Ozores) and Emilio Somarriba (Luis Bermejo) are the heirs of Grupo Galgo, a family business specializing in pastries, chocolates and baby food. The crisis in the sector, the imminent arrival of the sugar law and the lack of leadership of Emilio, president of Galgo since his father passed away, make the company not have its best moment.
Gonzalo Díaz (Óscar Martínez), Carmina’s husband, after many years working alongside Emilio has his own plans for the company, but a sudden and unexpected decision by Carmina causes a family and business earthquake that will also affect their children: Blanca (Patricia López Arnáiz), Guzmán (Marcel Borràs), Jimena (María Pedraza) and Julián (Jorge Usón). The struggle for power will separate them, and Carmina will have to choose between saving the company or her family”, we read in the official synopsis of Galgos.

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Bershka launches the new and long-awaited party collection ‘GOING OUT’ and to do so makes an impact with its new model, neither more nor less than the Spanish actress Maria Pedraza as the image of this first drop. Parties and events become the main inspiration for this new collection that brings together the most important trends of the season to end 2022 in style.

The garments with feathers of different colors stand out, combined with mini silver sequins on corsets and mini dresses with a sweetheart neckline in velvet. The strass add shine to this spectacular Bershka collection through garments such as the mesh dress, the black knit top with fringes or the blue bandeau top.

Some purple satin garments also stand out, such as the catsuit and the corset minidress with tulle inserts. The black velvet ballerina dress and tulle skirt is postulated as the must of the collection.

Bershka is committed to different looks for these parties to make a difference by combining nightwear with oversized elements and daytime basics such as sweatshirts, bomber jackets and tailored dad fit pants or wide leg denim.

We can’t feel like giving ourselves up to the shine, the night and the party this Christmas, but long before wearing it for a weekend look, or at a dinner with friends, or at a company, or for a party at home. The brightness is already part of everything we like and this 2022 we are going to say goodbye to it but well.

Simplicity and minimalism give way to spectacle and fun. And Bershka has that and much more.

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