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The filming of ‘Poliamor para principiantes’, the new comedy by Fernando Colomo, starring Karra Elejalde, Quim Ávila, María Pedraza, Toni Acosta and Luis Bermejo, among others, has started this Thursday and will take place over five weeks between Extremadura and Madrid.

This is how the distributor Vértice 360 ​​has announced it, which has added that ‘Poliamor para principiantes’ is a Spanish-French co-production produced by Álvaro Longoria and the production companies Morena Films, AIE Fluid Agreement and Ran Entertainment.

According to the company, the film talks about the confrontation between a young man who has emerged as a defender of romantic love and a practicing and enthusiastic girl of polyamory. The script is signed by Fernando Colomo, Casandra Macías-Gago and Marina Maesso. Finally, he has pointed out that it has in its cast Karra Elejalde, Toni Acosta, María Pedraza, Quim Ávila, Inma Cuevas, Eduardo de la Rosa, Lola Rodríguez, Cristina Gallego, Luis Bermejo and Susi Caramelo.

Source : europapress.es