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During confinement, the protagonist starts using a dating app in which she meets a woman exactly like her, the perfect copy of her.

The film Ego, directed by Alfonso Cortés Cavanillas, has won the Award for Best Feature Film, Award for Best Screenplay and Award for Best Actress for María Pedraza at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. The actress plays two roles in this thriller, as the protagonist and her perfect double whom she discovers through a dating app. Its theatrical release is scheduled for next year and its plot is set in the 2020 lockdown.

During confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, Paloma, the protagonist of Ego played by María Pedraza, joins a dating website with people of the same sex. The weird things start when she finds the profile of a girl exactly like her, and who apparently threatens to impersonate her and occupy her identity forever.

This is the starting point for the hypertechnological thriller starring María Pedraza, directed by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and a script by Jorge Navarro de Lemus, whose theatrical release is scheduled for the end of the year. Marian Álvarez, Pol Monen and Alicia Borrachero complete the cast of this story of psychological intrigue and double identities set in Madrid during confinement.

In the words of director Alfonso Cortés Cavanillas Ego “he talks about issues, such as confinement due to the COVID crisis, which we have all experienced, and situations with which viewers, especially the younger audience, can feel identified. We shot at a very complex time, in 2020, during the pandemic, and that has profoundly marked the way of building history, giving this work a unique and different character”.

For the filmmaker, “these awards are a great recognition for all the team that have been part of this production, which has been possible thanks to the initiative of the talent community La Caña Imagine. With its support for culture and cinema, this new community of creators has contributed to making Ego a reality today”.

Source : cineconn.es

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