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María Pedraza, has become a Millennial icon through her frequent characters on the Netflix entertainment titan. Associated with important luxury brands, the actress is linked this time to the hair universe representing SteamPod 3.0 as an ambassador, along with her friend and her head stylist, Iván Gómez. The L’Oréal Professionnel Paris iron is famous for integrating steam into its technology, an innovation that manages to damage the hair 91% less*. The speed of it and the fact of being an iron that treats the hair, in addition to giving it shape, make it an essential among stylists and celebrities, constantly subjected to changes of look with thermal tools that damage the hair.

María Pedraza and Iván are united by a relationship that goes far beyond a look. The actress is a benchmark when it comes to risky bets when it comes to hair: you just browse her Instagram account to find a platinum bob with extra-long mermaid waves, a wild curl or a hyper-sophisticated ballerina updo and Pedraza loves to innovate with her hair and her beauty guru Iván Gómez is the partner in crime of every change that María dares…

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